Keyboard Club Mentorship Program  Mentorship Chair:
Lisa Jackson


Keyboard Club’s mentorship program is designed to serve two functions:

1.  To help experienced music teachers who are new to the Rochester area become acquainted

      with the offerings of Keyboard Club, MMTA, NFMC, and other local musical organizations.

2.  To help novice music  teachers by providing encouragement or advice when problems arise 

      and by directing them to local, regional and national professional organizations.

Anyone who is new to this area, new to the profession or simply wanting some additional stimulation is welcome to call Lisa Jackson.  Lisa will put you in direct contact with a specific, experienced teacher from Keyboard Club who will become your friend, advocate, and foundation of information.

Do not hesitate to use this source of information regardless of how long you have been involved in teaching in Rochester. If you are interested in the next level of competition, looking for new ideas for everyday teaching, searching for new repertoire, or just need a friend who understands the frustrations of teaching, let Lisa put you in touch with someone who understands your concerns.

Keyboard Club’s greatest virtue, perhaps, is its spirit of sharing musical experience. Our teachers aspire to promote fine musical teaching, not self-aggrandizement. Don’t be afraid to ask “insignificant” questions. Those are the ones we all ask repeatedly! 

Call Lisa and welcome aboard!!

MMTA State Mentorship Chair – Kay Koehnen (651-470-9502)