October, November, December 2019 [MMTA NEWSLETTER]

This year, MMTA celebrates 50 years of Membership in our Association for Ruth Anderson, Zoe Ann Abrahamson, and Carol Mattison. 

Maybe you were a student of one of these teachers, maybe you know them because they are in your local association, or maybe you might have interacted with them through their MMTA participation. MMTA is grateful for their 50 years of membership and leadership in our association. They were asked to reflect on their memories of teaching.

1. How have things changed in MMTA in your 50 years of participation?

2. How has teaching changed in the time you have been teaching?

3. Why do you continue with membership in MMTA?

4. What is your favorite MMTA program?

5. Favorite MMTA memory?

Zoe Ann Abrahamson, NCTM

I am grateful to have been a member of the Music Teachers National Association for the past 50 years. Studio teaching has brought me much joy. The opportunity to work with amazing students and their parents has deeply enriched my life. Students have so many more activities competing for their time than I experienced with the students of 50 years ago. Schools offer limited music instruction. I encounter students who have never learned to use their singing voices, so I include singing and ear training for my beginning piano students. I was awarded national certification in 1970. My husband and I moved to Red Wing, MN in 1993, where I opened my studio, joined Minnesota Music Teachers Association, and I taught part time in two school districts. In 2004 we moved to Rochester, MN, where I taught in my home until 2018. Currently, I teach in our senior living apartment. My students participate in the MMTA piano exams, ensemble festivals, and compete successfully in the yearly contests and honors concerts. My students and I gain a great deal from my participation in the Minnesota Music Teachers/National Music Teachers programs. Students grow as musicians by preparing comprehensive piano exams: memorizing repertoire, sight playing, and learning keyboard skills. I hope to see the repertoire lists on line and updated frequently, and I look forward to the 2020 new repertoire edition. Another highlight in my teaching career has been the opportunity to attend many Iowa, Minnesota, and MTNA Conferences, most recently in Spokane, WA.