MMTA Theory Exams

Theory exams are offered three times a year. The six levels cover the areas of notation, scales, transposition and ear training as well as analysis and the understanding of structure and form in music. Each level has aural, written and keyboard sections. There are no restrictions as to age for the levels. All who pass receive a certificate and points toward the Challenge Award. Testing dates are below and information is available in the MMTA Handbook or on the MMTA website.

Test Date: November 23, 2019 ………. Deadline: October 13, 2019
Test Date: January 25, 2020 …………. Deadline: December 15, 2019
Test Date: April 18, 2020 …………….. Deadline: March 9, 2020

Location: Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester
Site Administrator for Theory Exams: Cindy Breederland

Register online at OR see the Handbook for the registration form and mailing address.