Monthly Keyboard Club meetings are held at 9:00 on the second Thursday of the month.


Friday, September 17      Gather – 9:15 AM
Fall LuncheonMount Olive Lutheran Church Business Meeting – 9:30 AM
2830 18th Avenue NW, Rochester MN Program –  9:45 AM
Fall Luncheon – 11:00 AM

Energize Your Student Recitals!!!
Presenter: Melody Bober

Thursday, October 12  9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess: Zoe Abrahamson & Cindy Breederland

Musical Pathways of Love:  Homage to la Danza
Presenter: Peggy Reich

Ms. Riech will present an intrinsic parallelism between the traditional European Romantic era of music and its Puerto Rican counterpart: la danza.

Thursday, November 9   9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  Linda Seime & Sarah Carter-Sweatte

Schubert: Man of Melody & Mystery
Presenter: Janna Williamson, NCTM

Reflecting upon the well-loved, yet often mysterious and sometimes misunderstood Franz Schubert and his piano compositions, Janna Williamson will explore questions of meaning in the composer’s music and how known biographical information and historical context can inform our understanding. Included will be an overview of pieces appropriate for pre-college teaching included on the MMTA Piano Examination Syllabus. The presenter will perform one of the Impromptus from Op.142 as part of the program.

Thursday, January 10   9:00 AM 
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  Karen Vinje & Jenna Popp

The Teacher Trap
Presenter:  Chris Wolf, NCTM

Studio Policies, Teaching Philosophies, Stellar Opportunities: we want to be respected in the community and end up with respectable dollars in our pockets. We’ve studied the instrument and the repertoire, but there are so many other elements to an independent teacher’s life and livelihood. We hope for wonderful students and meaningful lessons for them AND ourselves.
Are you ready to do more than hope? Many Independent Music Teacher “trials” are not taught in school. Set aside a little time to get some valuable ideas and continue the journey of making your studio SHINE within your community.


Thursday, February 14   9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  SherrieBelle Brinkworth

Master Class
Presenter: Esther Wang

Today we will enjoy a master class for intermediate level students. If you have a student who would like to participate, please send information to SherrieBelle Brinkworth by January 24, 2019 (name, age, piece link, teacher). The time limit per piece is 3 minutes. Only 1 entrant per teacher; class is limited to 6 students.

Thursday, March 8  9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  Carol Engel & Carla Sward

Introduction to Baroque Style & Ornamentation
Presenter: Stella Branzburg Sick, DMA, NCTM
Learning and playing Bach is an important step in musical development of any young piano student, and teaching these beautiful pieces gives us a great opportunity to introduce many important musical concepts to our students, general ideas as well as stylistic elements, specific to the Baroque period. This session will address the treatment and execution of Bach’s text: articulation, dynamics, pedaling, ornamentation. Examples will be drawn from a range of repertoire: from late elementary to advanced. The presenter hopes to share her love and joy of playing
Bach’s piano music and give useful practical advice and ideas to teachers.


Thursday, April 12   9:30 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Spring Brunch and Humoresque:
Light-Hearted Ensembles of Members and Friends

We will be exploring the light-hearted and creative side of our club! We know there are hidden talents of many kinds within this group. “Ensembles” can mean many things and could include friends outside of Keyboard Club. Let your imagination take off. .
Please submit your contribution to the program to Melissa Dalley by March 9, 2019