Monthly Keyboard Club meetings are held at 9:00 on the second Thursday of the month.


Thursday, September 14  9:30 AM
Fall Luncheon Program – 9:45 AM
Fall Luncheon – 11:00AM
Centerstone Plaza Hotel (catered by Twig’s) Business Meeting – 9:30 AM
Organizer: SherrieBelle Brinkworth
Welcome back to Keyboard Club for another exciting year!!

Presenter:  Brian Dunbar (RAKC Member)

Incorporating music theory should never be avoided, feared, contrived, or considered a “necessary evil” by either the teacher or student. There is no MUSIC without theory. We’ll look at ways to see theory as the most PRACTICAL and even enjoyable part of the lesson and we’ll explore how students can learn the theory they need without extra book work outside the lesson.

Thursday, October 12  9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  Elizabeth Dewey & Janice Jurgenson

Praise Band Keyboard: Playing & Teaching the Style
Presenter: Cheri Sykes

Most of us have either been recruited to play in a church band, or we instruct students who do. Get inside tips on: utilizing the potential of your digital keyboard; stylistic elements; technique builders and an approach to teaching this style; how band playing differs from solo playing; common mistakes; how to coach a rhythm section and singers. We’ll focus on the style of Christian Rock, as heard on the radio.
Bring your questions!

Thursday, November 8   9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  Sarah Carter-Sweatte & Carla Sward

Bela Bartok’s Hungarian Folk Music: For Solo Piano
Presenter: Tianyao Xie

Dr. Tianyao Xie will give a background of Hungarian folk music, a biographical sketch of Bartok, and will then present a study of tempo and rhythmic features from Bartok’s solo piano music.

Thursday, May 10   9:00 AM       RESCHEDULED DUE TO WEATHER
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  SherrieBelle Brinkworth

Music of African American Composers
Presenter: Herb Johnson

Today we will survey classical music of African American composers including Florence Price, Margaret Bonds, and Nathaniel Dett. Brief biographical sketches, quick study of form, suggestions for appropriate levels (Intermediate, Advanced, etc.) will be included.

Thursday, February 8   9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  SherrieBelle Brinkworth

Intra-Studio Competition: One Teacher’s Approach to Motivate Students Within the Studio
Presenter: Kristen Donovan

I will detail many of the challenges I’ve done through the years including note-naming and rhythm sheets, sight-reading curriculum, the “Major Scale Challenge” (in which each student had to play all 12 major scales in a row with the correct fingering) and “Music Olympics” in which students chose an event and aimed for Gold, Silver,
and Bronze medals.

Thursday, March 8  9:00 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Host/Hostess:  Carol Engel & Rachel Ulrich
Why Johnny & Suzy Can’t Read Music (Very Well)
Creating Solid Foundations for Sightreading Skills at the Piano
Presenter: Rebekah Richards
One of our highest priorities is to teach good reading skills and yet, many of our students don’t read well. Why? When pianists read music, what exactly is going on? How does the written page enter the eye and
then what kind of signal does the brain send to the muscles of the hand and arm? Does the brain of a pianist process music the same way a flutist, trumpeter, cellist, or even vocalist does? This presentation will
look at how pianists actually read music, how beginning method books help or hinder this, and how to structure lessons to develop good reading skills.


Thursday, April 12   9:30 AM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Spring Brunch and Humoresque:
Light-Hearted Ensembles of Members and Friends

We will be exploring the light-hearted and creative side of our club! We know there are hidden talents of many kinds within this group. “Ensembles” can mean many things and could include friends outside of Keyboard Club. Let your imagination take off. .