Sunday, April 15, 2018, 6:30 pm

First Unitarian Universalist Church
Registration Deadline:  March 23, 2018
Chairperson:  Karen Vinje
Registration Fee:  $10

This year the board has decided to make the event for graduating high school seniors all-inclusive.  Instead of a competition, we will present a recital that is open to any graduating senior who currently studies with a Keyboard Club teacher.  Seniors may present any kind of musical  performance they wish.  They may play a  piano solo, duet, vocal performance, accompany another musician, play another instrument, perform pop or classical music, or any other type of musical performance they devise.  Time limit will be 5 minutes.

We will award three scholarships for $100, $75, and $50 to three performing seniors by a random drawing  at the conclusion of the recital.  All participating seniors will be recognized.

All graduating seniors of Keyboard Club teachers will be recognized on the written program, and their names will be read at the conclusion of the recital.