Sept 7        Fall Luncheon & Program, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Sept 20      Fall Federation Meeting
Sept 29      Registration Deadline: MMTA Ensemble Festival

Oct 5          Registration Deadline: MMTA November Theory Exams
Oct 11        MEETING, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Oct 12        Registration Deadline: MMTA November Comprehensive Exams
Oct 15        Deadline to join SE MN Federation Club to enter Festival
Oct 20        Registration Deadline: Dorian Festival / postmarked Oct. 20, email Oct. 28

Nov 3         MMTA Ensemble Festival, First Presbyterian Church
Nov 8         MEETING, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Nov 10-11  Dorian Festival @ Luther College
Nov 10       MMTA Theory Exams, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Nov 17       MMTA Keyboard Skills & Comprehensive Piano Exams, Bethel Lutheran Church

Dec 1         Registration Deadline: MMTA Prelim Piano Contest
Dec 7         Registration Deadline: Young Musicians SEMN
Dec 7         Registration Deadline: MMTA Theory Exams

Dec 13       Federation Festival Proofing Day & Final Registrations Due
Dec 14       Young Musicians SEMN Recital

Dec 21       Registration Deadline: MMTA January Comprehensive Exams


Jan 5           Deadline: MMTA Young Artist Registration
Jan 10         MEETING, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Jan 19         MMTA Theory Exams, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Jan 25         Registration Deadline: Young Musicians SEMN
Jan 26         MMTA Keyboard Skills & Comprehensive Piano Exams, Bethel Lutheran Church

Feb 1           Young Musicians SEMN Recital
Feb 1           Registration Deadline:  MMTA Music Bridges 
Feb 3           Registration Deadline: RAKC Sons of Norway Competition
Feb 9           MMTA Prelim Contest, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Feb 9?          Federation Festival, Christ United Methodist
Feb 14         MEETING, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Feb 10         Registration Deadline: MMTA Finals
Feb 16         MMTA Young Artist Prelims
Feb 17         MMTA Young Artist Finals

Mar 2           MMTA Music Bridges, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Mar 3           RAKC Celebration Recital
Mar 3           Rochester Music Guild Scholarship Competition – Prelims
Mar 4           Rochester Music Guild Scholarship Competition – Finals

Mar 8           Registration Deadline:  MMTA Theory Exams
Mar 9           Rochester Music Guild Winners Recital
Mar 14         MEETING, Mount Olive Lutheran

Mar 16-17    MMTA State Piano Contest Finals
Mar 15         Registration Deadline: Young Musicians SEMN
Mar 17-21    MTNA National Conference, Spokane, WA
Mar 23         MMTA Winners Registration Deadline for Honors Recital
Mar 22         Young Musicians SEMN Recital
Mar 22         Registration Deadline: MMTA April Comprehensive Exams
Apr 11          SPRING LUNCHEON & MUSICALE, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Apr 13          MMTA Honors Concert Rehearsal
Apr 13
          MMTA Theory Exams, Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Apr 27          MMTA Keyboard Skills & Comprehensive Piano Exams, Bethel Lutheran Church

May 4           MMTA Honors Concert Rehearsal
May 11         Sons of Norway Competition
May 25         Sons of Norway dinner and recital
May 18 
       MMTA Honors Concert Rehearsal

June 1          MMTA Honors Concert Rehearsal and Recital @ Minneapolis Convention Center

June 9-11     MMTA State Convention, 
Crowne Plaza Aire, Bloomington, MN